Product Versions

Live Inbox fits the imperatives of businesses of all shapes and sizes from individuals to teams to entire companies.


Take a look at the options below:


Live Inbox for me

If you would like to use Live Inbox for yourself, please download the 15 day free trial from here and try it out.

Once you are convinced that Live Inbox is a valuable addition to Outlook (and you will be!), you can purchase the personal license for Live Inbox for a one-time fee of $39.95.

Live Inbox transforms your Outlook inbox into a neatly organized data store with an automatic address book of all your contacts and contextual links to the emails, attachments and links that you have shared with each of them. Without requiring you to lift a finger, Live Inbox will radically improve the way you deal with email.


Live Inbox for my team

If you believe that Live Inbox would benefit your entire team, do contact us for volume discounts - which start as low as for five users.


Live Inbox for my company

If you would like to roll out Live Inbox across your entire company, we offer a roster of attractive additional services and options to enhance our value proposition. These range from integration to your existing user authentication systems, silent enterprise-wide roll out deployment options and selective enablement/disabling of social network integration panels. We also offer customization services to integrate Live Inbox with any other enterprise solution that you might be using to surface such information right within Outlook - for instance, if you would like to pull information from your CRM system and show it in context to a particular contact, we can facilitate such scenarios.

We also offer attractive volume discounts to enterprise-wide deployments and especially so if you would like to migrate out from Xobni. Like our consumer version, our enterprise version also completely respects the privacy and confidentiality of your email data and at no point of time attempts to send or store any such information to our servers.

If you are a non-profit organization or an academic institute, we offer additional discounts on top of our low prices. Contact us at to learn more about these details.


Live Inbox for my customers

If you are a reseller, system integration, consultant or hosted service provider, you can partner with us to offer Live Inbox for your customers. We offer attractive reseller discounts that can significantly boost your bottomlines.

If you would like to explore such partnership opportunities, drop us a line at