In addition to the core solution, Live Inbox provides a raft of additional plugins that you can install within Outlook. These plugins enhance or complement the core functionality of Live Inbox in some meaningful form or manner and the list of plugins is constantly being updated..


Take a look below for details of the plugin options available:

Inbox Zero

Have you ever returned to work from a weekend or a vacation to see your inbox flooded with dozens, if not hundreds, of unread emails? Outlook simply presents these emails in a reverse chronological order and gives no indication of what mails are important and need your immediate attention and what can be deleted or deferred.

If this is a problem that you have faced, Inbox Zero is the solution! The Inbox Zero plugin works on top of Live Inbox and by default, allows you to view your unread mails sorted by the importance of the contact as evidenced by your address book and gives you an easy way to process these mails individuall or in bulk. Inbox Zero embraces the "Getting things done" philosophy but simplifies it for your convenience.


Email merge for Outlook

Email Merge for Outlook is an Outlook mass mail add on that makes it easy for you to send large numbers of personalized emails using your existing contacts. The email merge software inserts customized salutations into each message you send.
Which would you rather receive:
"Dear Customer..."
"Dear Mr. Mitchell..." "Dear Sally..."

When recipients see their own name at the head of an email, they are more inclined to reply because they feel you singled them out for personal attention. Using our email merge software to personalize the message tells your addressee it was meant specifically for him or her.

Unlike email campaign services wherein mails are sent by a service provider on your behalf (and thus have a high possibility of being marked as spam), Email Merge for Outlook uses your mail client and server to send out the mail and minimizes the possibility that your message will be viewed as spam and deleted unread. That's what makes it the best mass mail add on that you can invest in.

If you use Microsoft Outlook to send out marketing mails, our email merge software can help you reach your prospects in a more personal and effective way.


Powerful Features:

- Easy wizard interface teaches you how to use the email merge software in just minutes.

- Delayed/Batch Sending to get around ISP restrictions on e-mails sent out

- Compatible with Rich Text and HTML emails and works with attachments.

- Merge fields that can replace placeholders with individualized values - for instance, <First name> becomes "John"

- Send personalized emails from any email account – not just the default account

- Use Contacts from Live Inbox address book - send out mails to your top 50 contacts in one shot for instance

- Template manager - create and resuse commonly used mail formats

- List manager - create lists of contacts and reuse them in the future


Live Inbox CRM

Do you use Outlook as a data store for managing your sales leads and opportunties? Live Inbox CRM converts Outlook to a full fledged customer relationship management hub with support for all enterprise-strength CRM capabilities.