Download Live Inbox

last updated on 20th March 2023

You can download and try the release from the links below. Live Inbox is fully functional and free to try for 15 days. After this period has elapsed, and you are extremely satisfied, you have the option to purchase or invite others to gain free usage.


Main Release v2.9.9, 13th September 2019 (Office 365 users please read the note below)
Live Inbox for 32 bit Outlook  [SHA2:29dc0fa22128e219fa7285cf32d1c22a5051d4f13badb52f463b9aea8af7d5cb]

Live Inbox for 64 bit Outlook  [SHA2:5f616fe297480e69458722e430dccc97df0c9b317a2309064027cc21f7c910a9]


System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013,2016, Office 365 Desktop, Office Home Use Program (32/64bit).

Special Notes

1. Once you install Live Inbox and run it, you will need to register for a license, verify your email and lastly apply the license. This would activate all features. Please do make sure that the email address is valid.

2. Live Inbox does not require administrator privileges to install. If you are running as an Administrator with UAC disabled, or you get a installer message that says "Could not finalize the installation. You should screenshot this and write to", you may need to use the Administrator version of Live Inbox. The links are listed below. You can also reach us by email!

3. If something does not work, please use the troubleshooting guide. You can also reach us on

4. It's recommended to subscribe to the Live Inbox social pages below. You will know of the latest releases there.


Admin Releases

admin releases are Live Inbox Installers that ask for administrator permissions to install. They install on all User accounts in your computer. Please read through this support article to know if you need an admin mode installer

32 bit Admin Release  [SHA2:6cee9d17a7113c0775fea64bcf0f17c1194db4747f0d8065e7d56d637a5c5fc1]

64 bit Admin Release  [SHA2:b8fda46df75d29292b84a0fa2148c9b2ecf491152c8a8f21f09513d088a9f44e]