We are keenly cognizant of the fact that your email inbox is a precious data store that has a record of your most important transaction and relationships. We appreciate that by installing Live Inbox, you are taking a "leap of faith" in inviting a guest into your private realm.


To ensure that we never abuse this act of good faith, we hold ourselves accountable to a set of best practices that always strive to put your best interests above everything else. This pledge covers the following aspects:


Founding principles

Our founding principles are three simple and straighforward directives:

Firstly, always work well with Outlook;

Secondly, ensure that your data remains private and confidential and;

Thirdly, be transparent and fair in all commercial aspects such as licensing and fees.


These are explained in greater detail below:


Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our plugin works well within Outlook - this means that in almost all cases, you will not notice any sluggishness or performance issues because you have installed Live Inbox and furthermore, we will not run any external process such as what Xobni does without your explicit consent. There are some heavy duty processing events that occur under the hood in cases such as mail indexing but we have ensured that your user experience does not deteriorate when these actions are being performed. If you have any issue whatsoever with our plugin in this regard, please contact us at

A founding pillar of our Outlook policy is that our software will never hijack or override any native Outlook action - so for instance, we do not offer "features" such as replacing Outlook's auto-complete function in the address bar with one of our own (especially one that requires you to pay us for enabling!). We also do not "write" back anything to the Outlook store - which is why we do not offer facilities like using the information from our address book to update your Outlook address book.

Our service runs completely within Outlook and there are no external processes that we run that could potentially tax your system unlike our competitors who have no compunction on running background processes that affect your system performance even when Outlook is not running!



We don't have a privacy policy - we have a pledge of privacy! What this means is that we never send or store any of the information accessible through your email inbox to our servers or to anyone else. This basically obviates the need for a privacy policy in toto!

The only information that is ever sent from your system to our servers relate to the licensing details i.e. the email address of your primary account and the details of the plugin installation.



Live Inbox licensing policy is simple - we offer a free trial wherein you can access the full functionality of the software and "kick the tyres" so to speak until you are convinced that we do provide some meaningful value in terms of helping you manage your mails.

Thereafter, if you would like to use Live Inbox beyond the trial period, we charge a small, one-time fee for the perpetual license that gives you lifelong access to the software as well free minor version upgrades and updates (i.e. if you have purchased version 2.1, you will receive free updates for all versions in the form 2.X. When version 3.0 is released, you have the option to pay a update fee or continue using version 2.X wihthout any additional payment. We also provide the option to purchase a version that gives you unlimited updates for life - this version will be slightly more expensive than the normal price.

In addition to the core software, we offer additional plugins that you can optionally try out - each of these will help you manage your inbox in one way or the other and can be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Each of these plugins carry a separate license fee if you would like access to these extras.

Furthermore, we make a solemn pledge that apart from force majeure or any cataclysmic event, we will continue to honor the licenses that you have purchased thus far and will not for instance sunset these products to "prompt" you to buy new versions that are ostensibly different.


Live Inbox Social View

Social View (aka spaces) let's you display social presences of a person contextually. Live Inbox does not ask for authorization on social networks, and does not use any of the social networks (like LinkedIn, twitter, or facebook) for query. Please bear in mind that Social View is a plugin on Live Inbox, developed by Live Inbox. The lookup of the person in context is done on the Live Inbox Service (if enabled and associated). Social View will send the name and email of the selected person to the Live Inbox services to be looked up. If we can match that email, we will show Social Profiles for it. Thats it.. Your privacy is paramount for us, and we go all the way to ensure that trust remains.