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What is Xobni?

Xobni (the word "Inbox" backwards) is an Outlook plugin that purported to make Outlook better in some meaningful ways. While the premise is promising, the execution left many users complaining about performance and privacy issues. Also, Xobni changed their licensing policy from a one time fee to a hosted subscription model that charges users every month. We believe that there is a better way.

Why Live Inbox?

Our name “Live Inbox” is “Evil Xobni” spelled backwards - an affirmation of our mission: to "take back" the email inbox for our users away from the clutches of evil plugins that hijack native Outlook features, hoard your private data and cheat you with nefarious "bait and switch" licensing policy changes. We provide all the benefits of Xobni but none of the pain points.

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Here is how we are better than Xobni


All useful Xobni features - for a low, one-time fee

Live Inbox offers all the major features of Xobni - indexing multiple PST files, automatic rich profiles for all contacts, social network integration, email and attachment history for each contact, lightning fast search and a ranked address book. We are not replicating some features especially those that we belive add no real value and/or hijack override native Outlook functionality (no autosuggest override for instance).

All of this for a small one-time fee that lets you use Live Inbox for life. Recover your investment in days by radically improving the way you work with your email.Contrast this with Xobni's licensing regime that requires you to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 perpetually to access data that resides on your system and belongs to you!

What's more, we promise that this version will be in vogue for the entire period that the company is in existence and we will never resort to bait-and-switch changes in licensing policy.





No user data is ever sent to a server

Xobni sends your personal data to their servers - can you rest assured that they will not misuse this in any way? Why take a chance - use Live Inbox instead where none of your data is ever sent to our servers. Learn more about how we respect your privacy.





100% focus on Outlook

We believe that in many ways, Xobni is a story of "unfulfilled promises" - while the original premise of uncovering the social network within your inbox is a powerful one, Xobni seems to have moved away from that to focus on aspects such as syncing your contacts across devices and competing with the likes of Rapportive on platforms like Gmail - we are not planning on launching a version for webmail services like Gmail/Yahoo or for other email clients.. On the other hand, we would like to take this promise to fruition - by focusing only on Microsoft Outlook (which is by the leading email client used by business users for whom time and productivity matter more than most) and extending the original idea into a full-fledged email management system. Also unlike Xobni, we never hijack any native Outlook functionality or run background processes that tax your system even when Outlook is not running. Learn more about how we offer better compatibility here.





Better search - better still, "unsearch" via filters!

Our search module is superior in Xobni's in terms of indexing speed, performance overhead and range of query results (where less is better than more!).We also organize search results in an intuitive tabbed interface with in-built filters for your benefit.

More importantly, our one-click filters options that appear in the mail and attachments tab gives you the ability to narrow down to a specific result - for instance, the last Word document that Steve Jobs mailed to me - with just a couple of clicks without having to run a manual search with confusing filter tags ("Boolean", anyone?). This means that you can find the information that you are looking for in context of your mails in the quickest possible way. Try a shootout with Xobni and Live Inbox side-by-side to discover this for yourself!





Lean and frugal

We are steadfast believers in the lean startup model - both for our product and as a company. This means that while our product gives you the best possible user experience within Microsoft Outlook, as a company, we are committed to offering you the best plugin for Microsoft Outlook at a price point that delivers far more value than the sticker price. We run a tight ship internally - a small team of developers operating in a no-frills environment with no murals! More importantly, unlike Xobni that has raised tens of millions of dollars in funding which possibly drives it to resort to "bait and switch" practices to justify such an investment, we have no such VC overhang and can thus remain committed to treating our customers as our first and primary stakeholders. (NB: We are so frugal that even the graphics in the image above are borrowed from Xobni's fancy mural!)



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